After Access Bars™ session I have better realtionships with my daughter, she is calmer and she don’t get mad about trivial things anymore.


The Childs learning success is miraculously risen, he does homeworks with less time but with better results. Than you!

K from Tallinn

It is amazingly good feeling to fell asleep with out sleeping pills over 20 years.

Silvi from Tartu

Shorlty, something is flowing and changing. Anyway something is strongly changed, and where it leads I have no idea! Thank you! And I have no longer any discomfort in heart area. Now I have pain in my shoulders like the long suffered burden is taken away.


Kaidi came in to my life just in the right moment – I knew that something has to changes but I didn’t know how is that possible. Many years of panic fears, heaviness and submissive life ended, Kaidi gave me the opportunity to live with ease. It’s impossible to put in the words.


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