november, 2020

07Nov.10:0018:002. Body processes classes in HelsinkiFINLAND, HELSINKI

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Welcome to Body process class:

1) Elimination and Eradication of the Order Points Locked into Your Body and Your Life.

2)The invocation of the stupidity of sexuality

All participants will gift and receive body process and will get certificates that enable them to offer the body process to other people.

This class will be facilitated by Kaidi Karilaid.
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What is the one thing that we all have in common? We have a body. In the search and journey of consciousness and desiring more, our bodies are often overlooked or vilified. What if our bodies are a great contribution to our lives being different?

The Access Body Processes, created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, invite you to change the way you relate to your body… and thus everything in your life.

Is it possible to heal by changing a point of view? Combining the Access Hands-On Body Processes with the Access Consciousness Verbal Processing we have seen changes in bodies previously thought impossible. And this is just the beginning…

Are you and your body asking for more or something different?
What if your body was one of the greatest tools for consciousness and change; for it, for you and the world?

Welcome to the class. Elimination and Eradication of the Order Points Locked into Your Body and Your Life.

Are you ready for miracles with your body?

Prerequisites :NONE

Participation fee: 100€ one body process, for children up to age 15 with paying adult for free, Children in age 16-17 -50%
for 2 body processes 200€

WHERE. Kasarmikatu 8 A 2, 00140 Helsinki
WHEN: 7th of nov at 10.00-18.00

REGISTER to te class here.

Welcome to the party of consciousness with your Body.

Contact our amazing Host Tiina Mäenpää


Kaidi Karilaid



(Laupäev) 10:00 - 18:00


Helsinki, Kasarmikatu

Kasarmikatu 8 A 2



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